Businesses are surrounded by a complex framework providing ample opportunities but also involving a risk of making mistakes which should be considered. R3 assists in identifying opportunities and solutions to minimize the risks. Our vision is to create value for our customers through guidance in the right direction. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns.

Tax consultancy
The company’s operations and, in particular, changes in ownership and restructuring measures give rise to tax effects where different solutions may be possible.

We have a broad expertise in taxation. We help, for example, with advice regarding corporate taxation, VAT, capital and individual taxation, close company rules and the purchase / sale of companies. If necessary, we hire experts in our surrounding network of specialists and act as a link between customers and specialists. In this way, we can customize the solution, achieving cost efficency and maximum benefits to our customers.

Through our international association we can offer advice in international taxation.

Due to the fact that changes occur in business as well as operations and in other parameters it may be necessary to review how the business is structured. We advise on the optimal corporate structure of the business and can also assist with the implementation of restructurings, such as company formations, liquidations and mergers

Due Diligence
Before an investment or acquisition is decided, we help with a financial inspection to obtain a review of the company’s operations and financial situation. The due diligence can be more or less comprehensive and tailored to the customer requirements and the company’s complexity.

Changes in ownership and of generation changes
If the business faces a change of generation, new partners or other forms of ownership changes, R3 guides throughout the process in order to reach an optimal solution.

International transactions
R3 is part of the global association PrimeGlobal with 350 members in 90 countries.  Through PrimeGlobal, we can offer our customers the best possible assistance in international issues such as international establishments and relocation abroad. We also help when foreign companies wish to establish operations in Sweden.