Audits create confidence. Through our long experience in auditing as our core business, we have the expertise required to provide qualified auditing services to small, medium and large businesses.

An independent annual audit is a quality assurance that creates confidence and security for all interested parties. The audit also enables the management to feel confident that business decisions are based on quality-assured financial statements.

Through our experience we have developed a vast knowledge of business operations, accounting and taxation that spans over many different industries. Based on our expertise, we work for relationships with a personal commitment to get to know your company, and thus contribute to efficient and value-creating auditing and consultancy.

Audit of projects
Grant-funded projects often require an audit of the project accounts. We perform audits of grant-funded projects for government agencies, private companies and foundations. In the current situation, we work with several agencies and other organizations where we continually review the use of such grants.

Bankruptcy investigations
R3 assists receivers with investigation of bankruptcies, e.g. as regards establishment of the time of insolvency, recovery and the fulfilment of the accounting obligations.